Ellen Leung Piano Studio
Teaching piano is my passion.  It is exciting to discover each child's potential, to help them develop the skills to appreciate the beauty of music for a lifelong enjoyment. 

Each student is unique in his or her own way.  My teaching method gears closely toward each individual’s need.  I also have different expectations according to their personalities and learning habits.  The basis of my teaching is to build a strong foundation of playing at the early stage:  developing good techniques, strong sense of rhythm and musical phrase, and good practice habits.  I strongly believe that having a good start will enable students the freedom to enjoy music and the process of learning. 

A unique feature of my studio is the area of music lab activities besides private piano lessons. Over the years,  I've developed a curriculum with various music software to improve students' level of music appreciation through music theory games,  and exposure to the various genres of classical music.  Therefore,  their training is way beyond just learning to play a few pieces. 

Studying a musical instrument requires a lot of discipline and commitment.  Despite the fact that most students might stop playing completely at certain times throughout their lives, the training is certainly beneficial to whatever careers they pursue in the future. 

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